Moab: Which ride on Saturday?

Discussion in '' started by litldude2, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. paco

    paco Guest

    I finally had to go for Steroids. I think I'll feel like I accomplished
    something if I ride the whole thing, and get in more scenery that way.

    BTW, if anyone has Google Earth, I found the Porcupine Rim Trail on
    there. It looks amazing.


    Every time I see this thread I wonder what happened to Paco's back.
    -John Childs
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  2. musketman

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    im pretty sure im going to go with the hoppers, its one one those things
    where i might change my mind in the last second though. Ive narrowed it
    donw to hoppers or pedalers, but probably the hoppers because of the
    new single track nobody has ridden at moab muni fest yet and they said
    the hoppers ride has big drop and lots of technical moves on the

    Iam very excited and cant wait, hope to see you guys there!

    P.S. for all who are going dont forget our plan to have our forum names
    on our home made

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