Mongoose and other values?


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Apr 20, 2011
Hey everyone! Brand new rider here, well haven't ridden trails since I was 13. Got back into it randomly as I was given a friends bike when he moved. The bike is a probably a $100 value buy he got from Walmart.

After a long Ohio winter, I made a committment to myself to get outdoors as much as possible! Last weekend, I took the bike to a nearby park, hit a trail and fell in love. I plan to do it right, and I plan to do it often!

I'm just curious to get some feedback from veterans about a good "first buy". At this point, I can't spend too much over $500 (just bought a new truck!) and was looking at Mongoose Otero Comps, Mongoose Maxim Duals, etc.

I'd like to have a solid suspension bike with few problems (especially in the real techinical realms of brakes/gear shifts/etc.) but still get bang for the buck! Not sure if a hardtail would be better or what. Just trying to learn at this point!

Thanks for any feedback you can give :)

Alex at the 500 price point I would stick with hardtails. The Trek 820 is a reasonable entry level bike that you can get on for around 300.
You can check Bikesdirect online and find lots of value in their line up.
You could also invest a couple hundred into the bike you have now and upgrade it.
You got it. You only get what you pay for so corners are going to get cut. Biggest sayings for the manufactuer are in the suspension and gearing components. These components are purchased from others. You mine as well eliminate the rear suspension from the equation all together. If you feel you need it you may have to double your budget.
Well, I mean I guess I need to know the value of the suspension then. For instance, I am a big guy (6'4") and a former football player with significant but not preventative back problems and shoulder issues. Does the suspension provide a better ride and reduce the risk of minor injuries? It seems to me that you run the issue of a bumpier ride with a hardtail which could agitate the problem. Then again I want to ride over logs and through creeks so it may not even make a difference...

Like I said, I'm just learning so I appreaciate your input!

This is a link to the bike I am riding. It is a 29er hardtail. I picked it up about a month ago for 649.00.
I am in my 50's and ride off road on the single tracks once or twice a week. I am going over logs, roots, rocks and mud bogs without much difficulty. While riding through the technical areas in the trails I am generaly out of the saddle and absorbing the impacts with my legs.
I have never owned a full suspension bike so I cant tell what the difference really is.
Back to the 29er. The wheels are larger so they climb over obstacles a lot easier than a standard 26" mountain bike. And with you being 6'4" a larger bike would be a better fit.