Monoc bicycles

Robin Christmas

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Sep 8, 2016
I have a road bike that calls it self Monoc TC2 concept. It's an aluminum and carbon fiber frame. I am trying to get some information on this bike that I bought privately. The rear derailleur hanger has broken and I am trying to find a replacement.
Have you tried contacting Monoc? They are English, I believe. No clue if they are still in business. You might post to one of the G.B. cycling forums or inquire at Ribble, Wiggle, etc. as they may have sold them in the past. I don't know anything about the ride of the alloy-carbon Monoc's, but the aluminum models were considered to be stiff and a good choice for criteriums.

Failing that, try:

While there are lots and lots of hangers they typically follow a pattern. Line up what you have with what you need.
Monoc was not a brand, just a decal slapped on by a marketing company called Millenium Cycle Products out of Taiwan who use to make Flandria bikes, but now makes a training stationary bike and supplements.
So they are still in the bike biz? I think they were sold up in Canada or came into the States through Canada? Been a lot of years.

Monoc also branded bike transit cases.

They must have been enough of a brand to have slapped a decal on their carbon fiber seat posts:

I'm guessing 98.9% of all TREK's sold are Giants, Taiwan or mainland China-made decal jobs. So...also not a brand?

Then, again, Motobecanes...Schwinns...etc. All just decal jobs nowadays. As is my Wilier. It never spent a day of its life in Trieste.
Their still in business but from what I could find they no longer import generic bikes to sell.