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  1. As was mentioned here, is where I've just ordered my very first coffee beans,
    and I not only wanted to thank whoever it was for suggesting this company, but to also tell here a
    bit of what was suggested to me by Miss Gayla, the owner.

    First off, she did say that she feels the Quisinart Grind & Brew is an excellent and very fair
    priced machine for those of us not wanting a seperate grinder, for whatever reason (mine being lack
    of counter space). Because I only brew 3-4 cups of coffee per day, I was intending to purchase only
    a half pound of beans and air-tight freeze them in small packages suitable for fresher use each day.
    Using my stated consumption rate, Gayla said she feels that simply air-tight container, cupboard
    storage of one full pound of beans will be quite sufficient, and is sending me the beans that were
    judged with a "93" this year.

    Happy, Happy!

    =A0=A0=A0Picky ~JA~