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Feb 2, 2004
I think that what happened after 9/11 was the neo cons exploited the situation to justify an invasion of Iraq. This has served as a distraction from a far more serious problem - terrorist networks on a global basis.
I honestly feel the lessons of 9/11 have been partially ignored and we are simply going back to how things were prior to the attacks. The problem is immigration control in some European countries and especially in the U.K. is cause for concern. Take Spain: The Spanish felt that, hell, if they pulled their troops out of Iraq they wouldn't get hit again by terrorists. But the fact there were numbers of people already living in Spain with the means, determination and desire to bomb a whole train load of people in the name of Islam is worrying.
In the U.K. recently many hundreds of extremists held a meeting where they openly celebrated the 9/11 attacks and were allowed to distribute posters of the so-called magnificent Seven. So, while Blair may assume he's winning the war in Iraq, is he losing the one at home?
Again, to me it seems to be the same problem as existed before. Terrorists are successfully forming networks in European countries, funding their activities under various covers and engaging in money laundering e.t.c.
Russia has only just complained about much of this and wants a law passing that would make it illegal for a said European country to grant financial support to terrorists. There have been cases of Chechnyan kidnappers or anti Jewish extremists being supported by either the U.K. or some European countries who are sympathetic. The same applies to people who have bombed Israeli targets and then fled to the west to live.

roadhog said:
I disagree. There are many reasons people have pulled out and I believe it has little to do with what you claim. We have quite an impressive military structure, and even we are straining to keep up this long term thing (in conjunction with all our other long term committments). Many nations are simply not able to, especially when their populous is against it. I don't think the prison atrocities committed by a relative few despicable Americans and Brits are a big factor here. I think there have been major efforts to involve more, and the reason we don't hear much about it is because our administration is probably embarrassed to make public what the response is from most nations. Don't get me wrong, I can certainly understand the stance of many nations who are not participating. When we chose to go it alone we needed to be prepared to go the whole way alone. I've said before here that our major problem on this front is that for at least 14 years, our (US) military capability does not match our foreign policy. That has been a problem for several administrations now. We simply don't have enough manpower. Because of this, I am QUITE certain that many intense negotiations have gone on behind closed doors for more support from elsewhere. I just think we don't hear about it all because we don't want to publicize our situation in that respect.

You don't think this is happening? It is still alive and kicking because it's a serious, capable, and determined foe! You don't think there have been changes? You don't think millions of dollars and herculean efforts have been expended here?

No arguments here...Isn't this what the evil administration's (not my term)stance is too? What do you think we're trying to do over there? That is absolutely our first priority.

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