More Capo vs Pista (Pro) vs Hillbrick

Discussion in 'Track Racing' started by roadiesean, Oct 18, 2006.

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    Oct 18, 2006
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    I am putting a new thread on to make sure that it gets read !! I am desperate for track peoples thoughts here!!!

    Lets throw in a few more permutations, how about the Pista Pro vs the Capo, can be bought for almost the same money as each other, or then a Hillbrick Ryan Bayley sig model ? Hard to find out the exact spec of the Hillbrick, but judging by who uses them, suggests a high quality bit of kit.

    Does the Pista Pro make up for the shortfall of the Pista, can get for $1650 rather than $900 for the Pista, or $900 for the Hillbrick, $1500 for the Capo. Love the Cannondale, they are gorgeous, but I want the best track bike, not the best looking one ! I am new to this, and confused as hell, any help would be brill.