More durable alternative to ultegra chainrings ?


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Jan 14, 2003
Hello All !<br /><br />I'm looking for a more durable alternative to the shimano ultegra triple chainrings (currently using 53/42/30)... I'm a touring cyclist that covers a lot of milleage and found that the shimano aluminium alloy chainrings wear relatively fast. Would any of you know of the availability of compatible chainrings made of steel or titanium ? I'm more interested in wear and corrosion resistance than in weight....<br /><br />Thanks much<br /><br />JulienD
Don't know about the durability but those from TA are at least cheaper then the originals. <br />About titanium for example Record titanium casette is extra light but I already heard several people complaining that they wear extremely fast.
I would think ti chain rings would wear faster. the fact that ti cassette cogs wear faster is fairly well known.<br /><br />I have an ultegra triple and got over 11,000 miles out of my first set of chain rings, and probably could have squeezed in a few more. I probably keep my bike/drive train cleaner than most, and I replace my chain every 2500 - 3000 miles. <br /><br />what kind of mileage do you think is reasonable?