More good customer service: Time and Zoic

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Jon Bond, May 21, 2003.

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  1. Jon Bond

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    Two seperate problems, two great responses.

    Zoic: I wore through and ripped a pair of their baggy shorts up at school. The fabric got so thin
    that one time when the saddle slightly caught it, it just ripped right through. not at a seam
    either, right in the middle! I didn't really realize what happened until I was riding back to
    campus, in front of frat row, and the nose of the saddle slipped through the hole. Luckily they were
    pretty tight and had a belt, or I would have been streaking frat row on my bike ;)

    Anyway, Zoic replaced them, no questions asked. Nice. New ones have a mesh liner with a pad, on
    which the jury is still out, but I'm pretty sure the fabric is stronger than the old ones.

    Time: I've been breaking the "spring caps" on my ATACs a lot recently - I think I've broken 3 so
    far. I bought two replacements after the first two breaks, one of which has already broken. Same
    spot too. So I asked if maybe a spring was deformed or my shoes weren't interfacing properly. Here's
    what they said:

    "ATAC Spring Caps are like bicycle inner tubes, sometimes you can go years with no problems, other
    times you can break all four in one ride. The only way these caps can break is if they come into
    contact with a foreign object while riding."

    D'oh, that means rider error. Oh well, guess I'll just buy some more of those caps. But wait!

    "If you like, we can send you a set of replacement Spring Caps at no charge. Simply send us your
    address and we would be happy to send you a replacement set. Thanks!"

    Score! Thanks Time! I was thinking of buying some eggbeaters or frogs for the new bike, because I
    need new cleats too, and wouldn't mind the slight weight savings, but I'm probably just going to
    transfer these ones over and maybe buy some aliums for the road bike (so I can use the same shoes).
    Although the frogs should be insanely cheap, so I might end up trying them anyway ;)

    Jon Bond

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