More money or time off ?


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Jan 5, 2004
Just talking with a couple of lads on the club run last night.
The discussion turned to work and whether or not money or time off in lieu, was more important to a person.
For example - if you were asked to work two hours extra for more money than the normal rate : would you work the extra 2 (or however many) hours or would you value your free time and not be persuaded to sacrifice that free time?

It's a hard one to answer.

Some guys (the younger ones) that they would work the extra hours to earn more money.
The older guys like me felt that free time was too precious.

So I ask the question : money or time?
Well I know it doesn't answer your question, but it really does depend on the situation.

But just for discussion sake, i'll say i'll definitely go for time off. I'll work the overtime for extra cash only if say i've got lagging rentals etc, or christmas is near.
I would say time off, but the reality in my job has been putting in extra time (and I do not get overtime at all). C'est la vie.

With the Italian economy the way it is, any job means you are fortunate... you have to shut up and get on with it! :(
I only get paid for 40 hours so I do only 40. 2 hours for more pay would be so easy. But 48 hours on 5 days is too much.

Chicago has a lot of traffic and a 17 mile drive to work is 45 minutes. I'm temporarily living in Bowling Green, KY and my drive to work is only 13 minutes. Gee, smaller cities are nice with their lower cost of living and low traffic. Now I have a lot of free time after work and I'm enjoying it.
I am only allowed to work 35hours as a full time casual there are no extra hours to work.

I work to live, not live to work!

If I can do extra hours and it doesnt cut into my quality leisure time sure no problems. Things like TV I can cut out. Maybe move closer to work. I commute 2 hours per day at the moment. I geuss it is finding that balance and sacrafice things that are not that important.

I can understand for the younger ones pressure to get established- house, car, etc. social demands etc.. Possibley pay rate is lower. I geuss in this case my choice would be the same go get as much money as possible.
I work a six day week...:eek: with 21 hours of work.
Adding more time to my already busy week is hectic, yet fruitful.
I'm not a young man(34yo...;))but I am the only bread winner.
With three kids a wife and all my wants, I gotta work.:D
Bring it on!!!

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