more on Dakota Ridge MB Trail - Denver, Colorado




Review Date
June 15, 2000

Overall Rating
5 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a week

Reviewed by: Will Kunselman, from Lakewood, Co

This is a KICK, My favorite trail close to home! Not for beginners,
ride this often and it will definitely help to develope your technical
skills. I've seen many a rider walk out with bent rims, bloody knees &
elbows. Once you master this your ready for any trhing Moab has to
throw at you including porcupuine rim.I did this at least once a week
for a year so I could flow thru it with out unclipping and on my last
trip to Moab I kicked some booty.

Recommended Route:
Same as discribed, but if to easy ride the opposite direction than most

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