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    Middle of Week 8

    The coach timed me on a 100 free... This was after 6x50 sprints, and after 600+200+400 warm-up and
    stroke drill and on the 3rd day in a row of an energetic workout. It was just 2 weeks ago that I
    needed to have a recovery day on a 3rd day. Not my best effort of the moment.

    Still, I was 4 seconds faster than my best time at a meet, at week 3. I couldn't believe it. I was
    feeling like I'll never get any better/faster. I was 1:59 at the meet, I did 1:55 today, at
    something I would call in between a sprint and a moderate effort. There is still a LOT of room for
    improvement, but, it's nice to see things slowly moving along.

    Oh, another thing, I'm down to wearing size 8 pants. I was 12 at week 1.

    Sunday I'm supposed to do a 1 mile ocean swim at an organized meet. I'm still ambivalent about doing
    that one. I'll take my gear and show up, then play it by ear. If nothing else, it will be a nice
    social day, since there are 1 and 3 mile events throughout the day.

    My (bionic) friend is swimming a 3 mile race. This last Saturday she did a 5K postal swim in
    1:11:44, she's 34 yo, been swimming for 28 years. heh, In another 20 years of practice, I *might* be
    able to keep up with her.

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    "DaKitty" Dak, don't talk back, wrote:

    >Oh, another thing, I'm down to wearing size 8 pants. I was 12 at week 1.

    Sounds better than the Atkins diet. Have you changed your food intake during that time, or is it all
    burning calories?

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    > "DaKitty" Dak, don't talk back, wrote:
    > >Oh, another thing, I'm down to wearing size 8 pants. I was 12 at week 1.
    > Sounds better than the Atkins diet. Have you changed your food intake during that time, or is it
    > all burning calories?

    I'm trying to watch what I eat, loosely based on the zone diet and calorie counting. It says at this
    activity level I need about 135g of protein, so I try to take in minimum that much (I have a
    tendency to carbo-load, and neglect protein). The rest of the calories are mainly carbs. I try to
    stay away from a lot of fat, but I'm not adamant about non-fat. I kind of figure there are
    incidental hidden fats I'll take in with protein and carbs, probably as much as 15 or 20%, I hope
    not more than that.

    I looked up the zone recommendation for caloric intake, and for my height and weight and activity
    level (actively training-swimming at least medium intensity for an hour to hour and a half per day),
    they recommend 1900 calories a day. For me, right now, that's actually pretty hard to take in.

    My typical day is, I eat a Luna bar (or half of it) with a liter of water on my way to the swim
    practice at 4:30 AM. Another liter of water during practice... 5-6, or 5-6:30 AM...

    Around 9 or 10 AM I have a protein shake, about 40g of protein, 10g of fat (coconut) and the rest is
    carbs, around 400 calories. Then I snack on lowfat cottage cheese couple of times during the
    workday, totaling about 2 cups. Cottage cheese is roughly 44%protein 45%carbs and some fat. I allow
    myself on 150 calorie piece of chocolate with hazelnuts every day (NO, I will not give up

    Then an early dinner, usually a 10 oz piece of meat or fish, some veggies, some complex carbs.

    Since swimming, I feel like my stomach has shrunk some, so it's hard to eat too much, and I'm kind
    of making a half ways effort to pick healthier stuff, but I'm not being strict by any stretch of the
    imagination. The workouts, I wouldn't be surprised if I burn close to a 1000 calories per workout.
    I'm pushing it really hard. Also, one needs to keep in mind that for maybe 2 years prior, and
    definitely a year prior to this I was completely sedentary, so someone who has already been swimming
    a while may need to make different adjustments.

    I'm not big on the Atkins diet. Long term, a lot of protein can damage your kidneys. Short term
    dieting doesn't really work well. I'm a pro when it comes to dieting... about 12 years ago, when I
    was 22-23 I was about 90lb overweight. Took about 10-11 months to lose that, and I've kept it off
    ever since with maybe 10-30 lb fluctuations, which I consider normal and to be expected for me. To
    me, for the most part it really boils down to calorie counting.

    Oh, yea, with Adkins diet and the 'all the protein and fat you want"... that really doesn't work for
    someone with an eating disorder (like me, if I get too relaxed, I'm prone to overeating and
    emotional eating). give me cheesecake (protein and fat), and I'll inhale 6000 calories... well, that
    will *not* make anyone (who is not muscle bound) lose weight, no matter what combination it is
    ingested in.

    I am (and people who know me) are noticing muscle mass increase, and body fat decrease. especially
    last week or so, I really feel like I can hardly eat enough, and I seem to notice positive changes
    almost every few days. I still have some to go. At my fittest, I fit in a size 2-4 pants, and for my
    shoulders, 6-8. Like a clothes-hanger ;) I get told I have swimmers build. Wider shoulders, narrower
    bottom. We'll see if that helps my swimming any.

    huh, sorry this got long... Good night :) Way past my bedtime now. It's 10, and I have to be up at 4
    AM for swim practice. Yikes.