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    Can anyone say Mike Tyson? I'm starting to think that Jan's agent took lessons from Don King. I'm
    just afraid that Jan will come apart like Tyson, without Riis to get his act together. He's either
    ready to quit after one more big payday, or getting some terrible advice. From
    Pevenage also revealed that one reason why Ullrich did not go to CSC is that he couldn't take
    Pevenage (and several others) with him. However, Ullrich's trainer Peter Becker, who will also
    accompany Ullrich, was surprised when he heard of the Pevenage-Ullrich link. "Pevenage pushed me
    aside already in Telekom," Becker was quoted in the Berliner Morgenpost on Wednesday. "Now he's
    trying to do so again."

    Bill C.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.