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From Danish company threatens to sue Team Coast Danish travel agency "Net Travel
Service" is threatening to file bankruptcy charges against Team Coast, according to a report in
Saturday's Ekstra Bladet newspaper. Net Travel Service used to organise air travel for Jørgen
Markussen when he was sports director at Coast. However, Net Travel claims that there are unpaid
bills for around 50,000 Danish kroner (€6,700).

The matter has already been before the courts in Germany, where Team Coast lost. Coast has two
weeks to pay, and after that time the Danish company said it will file bankruptcy charges
against the team.

Courtesy of Ole Ryborg

Is this team even going to last out the year? He could've gone to CSC and revived his career.
Instead he keeps all the same people around him and moves into this mess. Jan makes me nuts. I
haven't been able to decide if he's responsible for these dumbass decisions, or his agent/handlers.
I don't see any chance of him getting it together with all these distractions around him. He may do
OK if he gets healthy on pure physical talent, but I can't see him going back to the top. Bill
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