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  1. ~ * ~
    ~ * ~ A Sign, A Boarded Shingle
    Hung Out TO Dry ~ * ~

    ~ ! A World of Little Broken Stones ~ !
    ~ * Illustrations from
    The Peacock Skipping Stones
    At Home * ~

    Stepping stones string a chain ~
    Sparkling steps, a thread
    Each emerald links, from my hand

    To yours. Pebbles, you said,
    A pocket's palmed stash, stream
    Polished, skipped ~ Plippity, Splat,

    Plop, skidding under a dream
    Water bridged, split
    By shining sparks, a splashy gleamed

    Seascape saccade. The best
    Pebble lies hidden, a faultless crack
    Glissade remembers, if sandpiper's

    Crest glitters, waves flow, cast
    Effortlessly, tossed

    Pebbles belong to sand, water's edge,
    Until you pick a pebble up ~ Shinning
    Stars sparks split

    For our

    ~ * ~

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    Author * Wounded Pee Pals * Intact
    Memory * Avowed Avid Avengers *]

    The AVENGERS, fencing ....... * \ ZvvR / *
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    !Be Warned!

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    A Morning Wood Roadside psi ~ COTIC
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    I got Leon a brand-new bone.

  2. Some say the best one lies
    Hidden, a means, here, for you,
    If you can find it.
  3. For
    Tears, Fortune smiles.
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    "Twittering One" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > Some say the best one lies
    > Hidden, a means, here, for you,
    > If you can find it.

    Only if one is willing ..
    To allow a crack in wall ..
    Surrounding it!

    It takes a ..

    "Big Bang!" :)

    How many levels in amongst the ..

    "Big Bang!"

    I see Crystal City ..
    Through glistened truth ..
    In humble sounds,
    Echoed by inner vibration ...
    Of Diamond within ....

    Heart may break
    But intelligence of heart ..
    Is stronger than one can imagine!

    Cruel words ..
    With echoed sounds of GET- off!!
    Are sure signs of broekn pebbles .
    In shoes worn out ..

    New shoes are fine ..
    If magic carpet of mystery ..
    Whisp and devour our inner hurts
    We project as sour wine.

    Ions in air break!
    Through stormy weathers.
    Yet, bring new beginnings .

    Fresh flight to birds ..
    Drowning in heavy warmth of ...
    Over-cooked flight!

    Shadow boxes bounce ...
    A dash of a clash ...
    Due to hidden scenes ..

    Different in intensity and weight ..
    Yet no different in heart-felt hate ..
    Of passing blades ..

    Some piercing through,
    Some caught via Warrior!!
    Some stuck by point ..
    Some slicing ...
    As gashes are struck ..

    Yet still ..

    We bleed ...all the same ..
    However big or small ..

    "Tall Poppy Sindrome" ...
    Cut down .. for us to fall??


    Because of broken pebble thrown
    at broken pebble .. then ..

    Thrown ..

    At broken pebble ..
    Til broken pebbles shape-shift!!!!

    And form .. and form again and ..
    Again ..
    And find that broken pebbles can fit their way
    Into other broken pebbles ..

    Whilst some seemingly shape
    Into a smoothe, fine,
    Shiny perfectly round shaped sphere ..
    And glisten in the Sun ..

    Unbroken ..

    With no sharp ends to penetrate a passing parade ..
    A Symphony of sounds echoing within the sand ....

    A pebble .. that can resemble a Diamond!!
    And re-connect with ..
    Crystal City ..

    A crack in a wall ..
    Cracks open in passing a pebble ..
    As the Sun turns it into ..
    A Crysrtal formation ...
    Right on cue ..

    And radiates the resinance,
    Of a Diamnd within..

    No harm in that!


  5. Bee

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    "Twittering One" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > Some say the best one lies
    > Hidden, a means, here, for you,
    > If you can find it.

    Life is a game ..

    But how well do you play it!!

    I recall saying this to you about you in a different form Twitty ..
    Does this mean you are O.K now??! :)


    But you seem to like this dragged out game of chess.

  6. Cultured
    Stars, a grain's sand


    Sparkles stars spilt.

  7. Bee

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