Morphing Recumbent Wheelchair/Trike Design Project

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    Nov 14, 2003
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    I am a senior mechanical engineering student embarking on a senior design project with the goal of designing and possibly constructing a wheelchair possible of converting between a normal mode and a recumbent higher speed mode. I am working with three other students and we are in the process of developing constraints to impose upon our design, such as...

    1.) Maximum speed

    2.) Turning radius

    3.) Source of power input (levers or some mechanical advantage vs. normal hand powering of wheels),

    4.) Need for independent steering system vs. standard tank turning

    There are several designs for recumbent hand-powered tricycles that are already in production that are handicap friendly but we have yet to find a design that morphs between a standard wheelchair and a recumbent mode. We would greatly appreciate any input or suggestions into design constraints or comments on the idea either through the thread or sent to [email protected]

    Our first goal is to develop a set of customer requirements which will facilitate the design process.

    Thank you for your time!