most combative



can anyone tell me how they come up with the most combative rider in the Tour De France? And should Bertogliati have been awarded points cause his attack was timed to perfection to win stage 1?
During each stage, officials note the riders that initiate, lead and are part of break-aways. These riders are then allocated points accordingly, and the rider with the most points wears the red number.
I thought it was done on a 'kilometre' basis. The rider that has been in breaks for the most kilometres wears the red number...
I thought it was done on a 'kilometre' basis. The rider that has been in breaks for the most kilometres wears the red number...
Not quite.....but nine times out of ten this will be the rider who is classed as "most combative"

This prize is awarded to the rider who displays the most effort and sportsmanship.The recipient of the most aggressive rider is decided on during the road racing stages by a panel chaired by the race manager.
The general classification is determined by adding the points given by all members of the panel in each one of the road racing stages.
In the event of a tie in the final general classification, the order is determined based on riders' placings in the general individual time classification.
Competitors must finish the Tour de France in order to be placed in the most aggressive rider classification.
How many 'suicide' breaks do you reckon Du Rand needs to get into to get his beloved red number back?
There is still almost 2 weeks to go Jacky Durand has heaps of time ;D Takes alot of GUTS to go off the front by yourself with 180km to go me thinks :eek:

Franck Rénier seems to be the one finding himself in all the breaks this year, I must admit i'd rather see JD win the most agresive rider classification.
I reckon the breakaways have a hard time with JD in them. The form he is in now, he must be ripping the legs off some of the other guys.
What did you guys think of Eric Dekkers ride yesterday? Pure heart!
Dekker rocks....that ride reminded me of Laurent Brochard in the mountians in 97, he was off the back then off the front of a small break which contained ullrich richard and the other contenders.....attacked in the last k or two and won...... if only decker won this stage :-[ he was damn close