Most embarrassing..

Paul Boyd wrote:
> Matthew Haigh said the following on 11/03/2007 23:28:
>> A possibly silly suggestion - you did have the cleats on the correct
>> feet?

> Not a silly suggestion, and I did have them the right way round. I
> tried the "wrong" way round as well, and once I got the right foot out I
> had to sort of hop over the bike to be able to get my left foot out.
> This trial was done in the privacy of my bike workshop (aka kitchen) to
> avoid embarrassment :)

Fair enough :)

I'm on the side of getting on with ATACs, but I've never used SPDs so I
can't comment on the relative differences (having had knee problems I
went for ATACs as the float is easier on the knee according to some, and
they've been good enough that I've not felt the need to try anything else).