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    I know that you guys prefer two wheels powered by muscles, and so do I. But I also believe that at least some of you enjoy watching Garry McCoy sliding the rear of his yamaha coming into a corner or maybe you sometimes decide to swap your bike with sth with two wheels and 50+ horse power, for a change.

    I want to know whether you think it will be Biaggi vs Rossi battle all the way or the latter one will dominate the series again?
    Or maybe you believe that other riders can get involved in the battle for this season's glory.

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    Aug 11, 2001
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    Well, lets hope for a battle this season. Valentino will probably come thro in the end again.
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    Biaggi very confident that his move to the new machine is the right one. Rossi confident that his decision is the correct one.

    Whether he (Biaggi) and others who have made the change are right or wrong will be revealed this weekend. 8) 8) 8)
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    Bring on the weather .... Valentino! Superb!
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    well... That does it!

    I hope to be wrong, but Valentino has just displayed that there is no beating him. He is just so talented and experienced (despite of his young age).
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    Very accurate assessment Mirun. We've got good riders in Aussie but we ain't got Valentino. 8)
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    I wonder how Bayliss would go in the moto GP? He's won 6 straight in the super bikes.