Motorist letter in local rag

On 12 Apr 2008 08:23:53 GMT, Ian Smith <[email protected]> wrote:

>On Sat, 12 Apr 2008, Paul Boyd <> wrote:
>> Ian Smith said the following on 11/04/2008 13:36:
>> > Personally I don't use them because I have never in my life seen such
>> > a facility.

>> I do use cycle facilities almost exclusively on my short commute (about
>> 2.5 miles). None are what I would call good,

>So none meet the criterion being proposed. So you're actually
>agreeing with me - you don't use facilities that meet the criterion,
>because they don't exist.
>You might use other facilities that don't meet the criterion, but
>that's a different point. As it happens, I too use a few - on my
>former commute there was an off-road cycle track that was narrow, had
>blind corners and anti-bicycle gates at each end (yes really - a cycle
>path, clearly signed and marked as such with staggered barriers at
>each end designed to block bicycles) but which cut off quite a lot of
>length and a badly snarled junction, so I used it.

I know of several cycle tracks that have anti-cycle barriers at both
ends and also one cycle track with anti-cycle barriers in the middle
too! I rarely use it since it is badly maintained and full of people
walking their dogs with the lead stretching right way across the path.

>Would the idiots design and build a bypass and put solid bollards at
>each end to stop cars driving onto it? I just don't understand where
>these 'people' get their ideas.

On Apr 12, 10:04 am, Paul Boyd <> wrote:
> I would love to see a section of road built in the same manner as most
> cycle paths are built. Stingers to represent broken glass, chicanes
> that make it very difficult to get through, or impossible if you have a
> trailer or bigger vehicle, random 6in steps and drops to simulate
> "dropped" kerbs, randomly designating a section as footpath to prevent
> its legal use by cars, the list could go on!

How about the road just disappearing every 100m or so, accompanied by
signs telling motorists to get out and push.

On Apr 12, 1:52 am, JNugent <[email protected]> wrote:
> Oddly, and though you might not believe it, you ARE being "treated with
> the same respect" as the drivers of motor vehicles.
> Take a look at the way that the roads are being sabotaged, more or less
> everywhere.

FYI roads are not just for motor vehicles


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