Motorized Doping?! WTF?!


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Dec 23, 2006
UCI Denies Reports Of Motorised Doping |

LOL! This is so flippin' ridiculous that I believe there's some truth to it...I mean, for someone to even come up with this "rumor" must mean there's some substance to it, right? For what reason would someone make this up?! Rhetorical questions, yes, but this story is simply incredible...

A small motor in the bottom bracket to give an assist of 100 watts?! This "story" apparently broke last year during the TdF and it's just now surfacing? Been buried for this long?!

I think it goes in NASCAR that "if you're not cheatin, you're not tryin'". I have to believe the same goes for pro cycling...
Do the people that come up with this have any inclinations of simple physics or mechanical engineering?
I believe it wuld be called cheating, not doping. God, reporters have gotten absolutly stupid.
I don't speak Italian, but the video is interesting nonetheless...seems highly plausible...

[ame=]YouTube - bici dopata / doped bicycle / gedoptes Fahrrad / bicicleta dopaje[/ame]
I've read about that stuff before, it seems amazing actually! Though it is cheating. In the near future pro bike races will have techs around to strip the bike apart looking for this stuff. Combine that 100 watt assist with a bundle of 10 or so G40-10 model rocket motors attached to a special housing on the seat tube and weeeee!!!...just make sure no one is drafting you when you lite those babies up :eek:
basically NOS (nitrous oxide) for bikes. damn cheaters. it's technically amazing though. i wonder if they're gonna nail anyone with this? i doubt it. but time will tell if someone fesses up to actually using this in the past. still.....damn cool!
I too think it's damm cool! It would be great touring and when you have to climb a steep grade while loaded just kick the motor on and forget about it! I don't think pros should be using it for racing though. I went to their web site but no price was mentioned.
Ok, I'll say what we're all thinking: it would be great to smash the **** out of the posers and snobs on the local group hammer-fest.