Mount Falcon pictures showing it's under-rated




Uh, ugly pict, it was about to rain. Looking at Denver. In taking this
picture, I just climbed 1800 feet. And boy oh boy is it a blast going
down as long as you live to tell about it. Babes can, why can't

I hit this rock garden at 25MPH due to that racer coming, and I didn't
know he was a racer I tried to gap us, but uh, unfortunately by the
time I was at the end of this rock garden, he was literally only 2 feet
behind me, *someone told him to do this to me*, and he stuck on me all
the way until I gave in and said "go ahead" and I stopped after getting
out of his way on a hairbinger turn. He hit everything top speed I
didn't hear him brake once (you can hear people brake due to disc

This is the characteristic of Falcon, once you start going down you
never go up again, there is never another ascent or level section. It's
a constant rampaging downhill. Note the two waterlogs in the ground, 15
feet apart if that. Hitting those between 20-25MPH is crash inducing,
because as soon as you're done with one the next one is already under
your front wheel. Sure you can brake, but that actually makes it worse.

More evidence of the constant rampage of Falcon - downhill rampage,
constant assault on the bikers whole skill set, timing is constantly
challenged in new ways. Note the 3 waterlogs again on turns, hitting
these at 20 or more MPH, is quite challenging, and invigorating, I
crashed twice on this trail due to too much speed. I learned my
limitations due to Clint Eastwoods movies. Hey, doesn't that bush on
the right look like a penis? Why the hell would someone that works for
Jeffco trim it like that? The same jerkoffs that have been eliminating
the wall for "safety", the Femi-Commi's.

Tight Turn/Switchback, racers take it full speed and it's called
"cornering", something I cannot do, at least yet.

Cute babe going over waterlog, her friend went by 2 times faster, and
she was blonde (that explains it).

Hit this at 20MPH...! I do, and it's like a drug...

fast due to steep....

There it is, or actually 1 of the 4 times it occurs, 3 jumps 6 feet
apart, and if you don't brake you're at 30MPH, if you do brake you're
at 20MPH, and how do you handle jumps like this without braking?

Constant assault on the biker - BLAM BLAM BLAM!, or for those that go
slow it's nothing.

The perfect photo showing what makes Falcon under-rated, the constant
intense sequence of constant attack on the biker, right before these
waterlogs there is 3 jumps up to the left of these not more than 20
feet away. This is where I crashed twice trying to take it at 20MPH.
Now I go down to 16MPH and still it's overload.

Steep descent with jumps, makes Falcon at minimal intermediate level,
unless you're a person that brakes through everything. You know, like
Ride-A-Lot does.

Or this biker, he's got at least $2,000.00 rig, yet he's not using it
and what it's made for. Everything he's restraining on was put there
for the challenge of going fast, and the "rig" (Bike) that he bought
was made for this, yet he's not using it and justifying the cost. I
take this fast and I have crashed on it. But I have also cleared it 7
times without crashing, at 20MPH or less.

See how it snakes - look to the right of the picture, and then where
the trail is blatantly obvious, again, remember, once you start at the
top which is 3 miles away, it's straight down, you never go up again,
not once is there another ascent. Some guys can take this at 30MPH if
not higher. You can easily get to that speed on this trail, racers do
all the time. I barely can handle 20MPH.

This needs an explanation...???!!! It's ruthless like someone coming
after you with a bat and they tried to hit you 4 times sequentially as
fast as they could. I hit this at 20MPH and my hands are numb due to
this section alone...but I made it...


More waterlogs at the beginning heading up