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This is probably a long shot but i'm desperate. I'm a first year uni student currently undertaking a project looking at mountaon bike brakes, concentrating on Cantilevers, V-brakes and Disc brakes. I can find plenty of information for how the brakes work and which best etc.. but what i really need to know is how these different brakes are made and the materials used. I've searched everywhere and can't find anything. If anyone knows of any sites or where i can get hold of such information, i would be extremely grateful if you could email me at [email protected]. Please Help!!
James - Couldn't find a website but here's what I know:

  • These brakes are normally forged
  • The are made from Cast Iron(really, really low end bikes) or Aluminum usually 6061
  • Normal rubber pads
  • These brakes can either be forged or machined
  • Usually made from Aluminum but to reduce flex some people install Titanium Brake stiffeners
  • Normal rubber pads
Disc Brakes
  • The Calipers and other parts can either be forged or machined
  • Usually made from Aluminum and the disc from Stainless Steel
  • Brake pads similar to those on a car or motorcycle
Hope this helps ;)

You might be able to help me. I have 700c rims on my tandem. It is a mountainbike frame so the rear brake pivots are made for 26" mountainbike rims. I need a V-brake with reach of 59mm (that is form the centre of the pivot to the centre of the nut holding the brake pad.) If you know of a scource in Johannesburg or Pretoria please let me know. Assuming you are form RS of A!!!!!!!

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!!!

Big H
[quote author=Psycho426 link=board=14;threadid=773;start=0#7123 date=1021789036]<br />[<br />V-Brakes<br />
  • to reduce flex some people install Titanium Brake stiffeners
  • <br />[/quote]<br /><br />Hi Psycho,<br />I'm interested in the brakes stiffeners you mentioned - could you please elaborate. My bike <br />( ) has very thin seat stays and chain stays and having just upgraded to xt v-brakes from tectro cantilevers I'm worried about frame flex and fatigue. Any recomended brands/links<br />cheers<br />rifraf
rifraf - Brake stiffeners (a.k.a. Brake Boosters) will reduce frame and fork flex and improve braking performance:<br /><br /> <br /><br /> (halfway down the page)<br /><br />Be sure to check if the one you’re looking to buy is compatible with V- brakes as some are made for cantilevers only.
Thanks for the tips/links Goat - appreciate it. :)<br />cheers<br />rifraf
center pull cantis are out! (you'll never get parts for them)<br /><br />go V - with those boosters or disc!

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