Mountain Bike Training Courses around Melbourne


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Mar 30, 2007
Hi, I'm a long time stalker and 2nd time poster.
What I'm in need of is an advanced mountain bike training course around Melbourne. I can't find anything on Google other than Lysterfield Park or David Hicks. Go figure.

I've done the book thing and the DVD thing but they tend to get in the way when you're half way through a bern. I've found myself plateauing out on my skill levels and want to get more out of the experience so I don't mind paying someone the readies who has better knowledge than myself.

Just to let you know where I'm at I do all of Lysterfield park in just over an hour and Wombat at Woodend at around the same time.

So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks to one and all
I'm interested in this too.
I do Lysterfield but info about other proper mountain bike trails in melbourne is almost non existant.

I know there is one called westgate park.
I also know there's one called You Yangs but it's out near Geelong and I have not tried either of these.
There's a really great book called "Off Road Cycling Adventures" by Keiran Ryan. I have the 2nd Edition and I'll quote the cover "Melbourne's definitive Mountain Bike guidebook. With more than 1250KM of trails". It's a godsend. Available at most good bike shops. There's over 35 mountain bike trails that don't do the sealed bike track thing along the Yarra or the Bay. Cost me $40.00 but worth every cent and then some. Apparentley there's a new version of the book coming out and it retraces Edition 1 and there will be more tracks in it.

The Westgate Park track is easy to get too. Well it is for me because I live in Port Melbourne.
and follow the links

Ride Hard!
That sounds awesome! Thanks! I'll get myself a copy:)
Sorry, I didn't read your post properly. I thought you were looking for courses to ride as opposed to training courses. oops :eek:
On Cycling Central a couple of weeks ago they had a feature about MTB courses at Lysterfield (I think, I was only half watching). Maybe send them an email as I can't find any episodes synopsis or anything like that with a quick look: [email protected]