Mountain Biking Footwear Recommendation?


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Jun 10, 2015
I wear a size 48 MTB shoe with a wide toe box. My Specialized ones are getting to the point where they need replacing. The local S dealer no longer has the model that I had and does not have anything in a 48.
So I would appreciate any suggestions.
This is my exact issue. I was about to order size 48 Specialized Pro XC shoes as I'm happy with my Specialized road shoes. Stores don't have stock in 48 and can't order them as Specialized is out (they have Comps you can order, but I want toe studs). I looked at the 'shoefitr' on the Arts Cyclery page and see that the Shimano shoes in 48 fit almost the same as the Specialized, so I'm looking at the XC61 and XC70. I can't recommend them yet, as I am ordering today, so won't have them for another week or so.
I Like my Five Tens. Stick to the pedals pretty good and offer good protection from hits by rocks and roots.
I have a set of lake mx237 shoes and I really like them. I also have a set of cheaper serfas shoes as a spare set to use in crappy conditions and they are pretty nice for the price. Both are wide.
Clipless or platform? Assuming clipless because you're giving Euro sizes?

Sidis are legit and last a long time. Mega is their wide line.
I think anything that's comfy would work, there isn't a particular thing, it's subjective to your needs.
I have the Shimano XC-70 and the limited edition blue XC-90 and I love them. Our shop is a custom fit shop and we have the oven to custom mold the shoes and they are super comfortable. Even without the custom molding they are comfortable shoes.

I've owned some specialized shoes and some pearl Izumi in the past. I liked the specialized ones as well, no complaints but I think the Shimano ones are a touch better.
Honestly, I am not conscious of my shoes although my rubber shoes with thick soles is the best for me. But I sometimes use any sneaker that catches my fancy. With specialized shoes, I guess it's only my driving shoes (for my car) that we can call specialized. The kids would sometimes tease me (years ago when I was active in biking) that i should be getting a complete gear so I would look good. Is that necessary?
In my opinion, any workout shoe that you use must have some cushioning soles inside. You can purchase extra cushion soles that go inside your shoes if your shoe doesn't already have one.

This is important for the long-term health of your feet, tendons, and cartilages. They save you from debilitating stress-related orthopedic problems.