Mountain biking in Derbyshire - discussion forum and free classified ads.


Mike Pearce

Hi all

For anyone interested in cycling in Derbyshire or The Peak District
I've just enhanced my web site by including:

- a discussion forum
- a free classified ads section for cycle related stuff (don't get
too excited there's nothing in it yet but I hope this post will

To help me get this off the ground any cyclists with an interest in
Derbyshire or The Peak are welcome to join the forum and contribute.

Visit the forum at

At the moment there is one main discussion forum and one for
classifieds but this could be enhanced if there's a demand for other
groupings - road cycling for example.

Constructive feedback welcome here or on the web site. I tend to think
Usenet users are at the more sophisticated end of the internet user
spectrum so I'm hoping for some interesting and useful comments!