Mountain Biking Or Cycling In Morocco

Never been to Morocco before, and for sure I would like to go there. I'm pretty sure you have amazing roads to go on bike. Try to post some pictures of the trails you have there, that will embrace people to go there and share your views while cycling.
To be honest, I have no idea about Morocco but it would surely be interesting to go there for a tour and not exactly for biking. We also have one good place for mountain biking and I had been there although I was not able to satiate myself since I didn't have a bike. It was a hilly place with good grass that is conducive for the mountain bike's wheels. It is called Batanes province in the northern part of the Philippines.
Morocco is one of those places that only a few people visit but I would love to go there sometime and bike on the mountainside. It's one of the first few countries that I plan to visit when I finally have the time.

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