Mountain Biking



Hi dudes it looks like im probably the only mtber here ;D
any ways last time i whent mtb ing in in the ranges near my house i was going down a hill and i saw what seemed to be a meadium log i was going to avoid it and at the last moment saw it was a snake. It was UGE it took up 90% of the track
it would have been 1.5 meters long :p. Also My top speed so far has been 72 kph when i tried to break the record a 4Wd was there and it slowed my down i only manged 60. ::) What is your top speeds? I heard a frenchy on a bike went down a snow slope at 220 kph hmm i dont thing ill try that i do want to wake up in bed tomorrow
Saw a program on TV the other day. Two guys keep trying to outdo each other speedwise on the snow slopes.
Bike I saw was a specially designed Peugeot, constructed from one solid piece of carbon (Similar looking to the Lotus TT Bike). Rider sits in the bike on a built in saddle section almost like a motorbike. Rider wears a one piece rubber suit (Like Britney Spears does in one of her videos :eek:)

The runs I saw, the guys just get pushed down the hill, there is no pedalling at all. The first run the one guys back wheel was bouncing up about a foot into the air, while he was almost at his max speed. Hairy stuff

Fortunately we don't have snowslopes like that in SA, otherwise we'd have som local Yokel trying it out on his old BSA with back brakes
My top speed so far has been 72 kph

I've been taking note of my fastest speed since your post, and the nearest I've managed is 42mph (68 kph I think), that was coming down a forestry road .

I didn't managed to see much as my eyes water a hell of a lot when going fast downhill. ;D

Some of my friends were with me and I was last !
hmm looks like iv got a competitor ;D. so what sort of bush you have over there? the downhill where i get the speed consisists of loose stones which fling up like made so you would not want to be riding behind (huge dust cloud)

i actully start running out of gears and then get into a aeoro position to get the extra speed. 8)
The track sounds much the same in that it's loose stone,but being a forestry road it has to be wide enough for the lorries.

The forestry road which Zig-Zags up the mountain (hill to most people) is pretty compact because they have decided to harvest the pine trees and as a result lorries make more passes over it than usual, :(

My normal practice is to cycle up the forestry road, passing the guys who have to push their dedicated Downhill Bikes, (they're look awesome coming downhill, but hard work going up), and enjoy myself coming back down.

The downhillers have made quite a few tracks which take routes directly down the mountain, so as a result their tracks disappear off the road only to cut across the road further down. hope you can understand what I mean.

Being 38 I tend to take the safer option, but depending on the conditions and my state of mind ;). I do go down the tracks though I miss out all those Psycho drop-offs they've put on the course.

After much encouragement,persuasion,and teasing the younger guys got me to go down the "The Killer" which is known not to take any prisoners. One of them went down first to show me how it's done, then I followed , Okay I'll be honest I didn't make it, me and the bike parted company (on a hardtail it ain't easy, that my excuse ;D) but when I got to the bottom, I had the biggest smile on my face and they could not shut me up.

I thought I'd post this, because the local downhill routes are slowly being lost, The tree harvesting is slowly working it's way across the routes and it's sad to see all the work the youngsters have put in being lost. There are other places to go of course, but it is handy to have a playground right on your own doorstep.
One more mountain biker here for the collection! ;D I ride a Rocky Mountain Spice. I am thinking of upgrading to the Slayer later this year. I love XC, but I downhill a few times a year as well.

How you guys doing?? 8)
Here is another mtn biker to add. I'm from Colo. and ride a Gary Fisher Marlin......see ya all later! :D
hi ColoMtBikeGirl, where is colo? near coka cola ::) ;D , hi I_Are_Baboon too. i haven mtbed for a bit cause the bush is 20k away and the temps are rising :p. 35-40+ degrees so i am not doing too much road riding either :mad:.
hi ColoMtBikeGirl, where is colo? near coka cola  ::) ;D , hi  I_Are_Baboon too. i haven mtbed for a bit cause the bush is 20k away and the temps are rising  :p. 35-40+ degrees so i am not doing too much road riding either  :mad:.

Hi Nicholas! Colorado is in the middle of the USA! Hope you get to do some riding soon!
hi  I_Are_Baboon too. i haven mtbed for a bit cause the bush is 20k away and the temps are rising  :p. 35-40+ degrees so i am not doing too much road riding either  :mad:.

Hi Nicholas! ;D I live in the Northeastern USA.....lots of trees, woods, and mountains. Very good for mountain biking! It's cold this time of year, so I won't be doing much riding for the next couple months.
Hi Colomtbikegirl.
I had the pleasure to meet somebody from Colorado only last month when he flew over to the UK to see some YES concerts, He was staying with some friends and we all went out for a drink during which he said that snowboarding was his thing (have you tried that ?) he also said that he was a Cowboys Fan.
He was a nice man and a mega Yes addict.

I are Babboon maybe we can convert all these roadies.
Hi Lazarus-g!! He was a Cowboys fan, eh?!? Living in Colorado what a traitor! ;) Anyway, I went snowboarding once and I had a blast. But it seems lately whenever I go I'd rather ski. Hehe, this is a stupid question but who is YES???
I thought it was a bit strange when he said he was a Cowboy's fan , maybe he said something else, there was Alcohol involved ;D.

As for who is Yes?
They are the greatest band around , They have been playing for 30 years. Only last month they brought out an album called Magnification and it's the best thing they have done for 20 years. I mean if somebody flies over from the USA to the UK just to see them they can't be that bad can they ?
hmm, I remember 'Yes'. Trevor Rabin from South Africa plays lead guitar for them ,does'nt he?
He used to play with Yes for a few albums (in fact he was the main force and their style changed dramatically as a result :'(), but since then he's moved on to writing film soundtracks. The film soundtrack to "Armageddon" was one of his.

I wonder if he goes Mountain Biking ? (I thought I'd bring this thread back to cycling) ;D