mounting a garmin with fsa k-wings


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Feb 12, 2011
hi, i have a garmin edge 705. i just had fsa k-wings put on the bike. the comp was mounted on the stem and i really can't see it the best. i was wanting to get it out front of the wings. i know there is a control center made by fsa, i bought 1 and tried to install it and the plastic broke on it like right off as i tightened it. so now im looking for something else, not sure i want to trust my $300 dollar garmin to a cheasy mount(maybe i got a junk one?) dose anyone else know of another brand? i did read about the itm 1, but i can not find 1 to buy. im getting frusterated since i purchased the garmin for all of its features and now if i want to use it i need to loose my fsa wings. any ideas?
Why don't you contact Garmin and see what they recommend?

Also, you should contact FSA regarding the mount breaking ...

BTW. Your lament seems akin to saying that you can't read your iPad when the sun is reflecting off of its screen ...

Have you considered simply rising out of the saddle for a second to read the display if you truly can't see it?

Perhaps your frame is the wrong size!?!

Can you strap the mount onto your frame's top tube AND still remove the computer head when you need to?

How did you mount your Garmin on your old stem-handlebar combination?

I'm just askin' ...
it is mounted on the neck.
im sure the bike is the right size unless the guys at the shop are wrong(its a 58).
i do need to contact garmin(that is a great idea).
im sure it will not fit on the top bar of the bike (its way to big)
maybe its just something im gonna have to get used to.
im going to contact fsa about the mount breaking( but,i do not expect anything)
sorry i forgot. it was mounted to the handle bar on the right side.(they are round) the k wings are almost flat(suppose that is where i went wrong)