Mounting Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone on Bike


Apr 21, 2013
I'd like to be able to mount my Samsung Galaxy phone on my handlebars. Can anyone suggest a good case or holder for that purpose? Thanks in advance.

I've used an Arkon mount in the past, though I had to use a little tape to make the removable portion of the mount a little tighter so it wouldn't slide out. I also put a couple wraps of electrical tape underneath the clamp of the Arkon mount so that it wouldn't rotate around the handlebars.

Alternatively, I had an extra belt clip for my Otterbox (for iPhone 5) that my wife wasn't using, so I drilled a hole through that and used a bicycle accessory clamp. Now I can leave my phone in the Otterbox, and just clip it into that mount, rather than having to remove the Otterbox to allow the phone to fit into a phone-specific mount from another manufacturer.
Here's the best one I've seen: