moving outer chainring on compag xenon triple crankset


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Dec 24, 2005

My ribble roadie has the above crankset and moves outwards slightly on the right down part of its revolution causing it to rub on the outer side of the front derailleur. Do I need a new crankset or just the chainring as a new triple square taper in compag will cost me £80.

Is it as simple as removing the crankset then checking each chainring or could the cranks be offset?

Any help appreciated

FWIW. Presuming that the crank is-and-has-been properly secured to the BB spindle AND that you haven't allowed the crank's receiving "mortise" to be wallowed out by the crank not being properly secured to the spindle, it could simply be that your BB cups need to be adjusted ...

If the crank is securely attached, then grab the NON-driveside crankarm and then try to slide BB spindle to-and-fro by pushing on the crank arm and then pulling back ...

If you can slide the BB spindle to-and-fro then adjust the non-driveside cup by tightening it.

If you cannot slide the BB spindle to-and-fro, then go to the driveside of the crank and see if you can wiggle it by grabbing the pedal & pushing it (the peddle) to-and-fro relative to the bike's frame ...

If you can wiggle it, then see if tightening the crank bolt which is securing it to the spindle removes the wiggle.

If you tightening the crank bolt does not remove the ability to wiggle the crank, then remove bolt and see if the crank arm can be easily removed without a crankarm remover ... if so, then you need to either replace (!) the crank arm OR you can try to shim it with some BRASS stock.

In the worst-case-scenario, if you have damaged the crank to the point where you cannot secure it, then you do NOT have to replace the crank with another Campagnolo Triple crankset and/or BB ...

  1. you can certainly buy an FSA MegaExo Triple + BB cups for less than £80 on eBay ... you can probably buy a Shimano Hollowtech II Triple + BB cups for less than £100 on eBay if you are a wise shopper ...
  2. a "Compact" (50/34) Campagnolo-or-other-brand crankset is another option if you do not use your Granny gear ...
  3. OR, you can get a "Compact" crank (of any brand) + (presuming your bike has a 12-23 or possibly a 12-25 Cassette) a Cassette which has a 29t cog and/or re-stack your current Cassette with a 29t MICHE cog ...
  4. OR, a "standard" crankset (53/39) may be an acceptable alternative if you find that you do never use your Granny.

thanks for your in depth response, I did not think about about the BB at all, just the chainrings. I'll investigate later (family and alcohol permitting).

I thought about changing to a double/compact but again wondered if I'd then have to change the BB length to enable it to fit correctly.?
I've messed about doing this before and ended up spending more money than I'd expected due to lack of knowledge.
I hope its the BB but there are no noises when the chainset moves that I'd associate with a loose BB.

have a good christmas everyone.

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