Moving, ship or take bike on plane?


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Aug 11, 2010
I'm moving from NYC to L.A and am seeking advice on the most cost-effective method of shipping my bike. It's a 57cm road bike that weighs roughly 19lbs.

I'm flying Sun Country airlines with a layover in Minneapolis.

My options are shipping bike on plane or using FedEx-UPS
There is no question here - take the bike to a good local shop to pack and send UPS. If you're not mechanically minded be sure and have a good shop reassemble it. DO NOT take it on a plane. It costs almost as much as a second ticket.
We can't advice w/o knowing the airline's deal on bicycles and your ticket.
Sometimes, bikes go as sports equipment and cost extra. Sometimes bikes go as additional luggage and cost extra.
In which case shipping is probably just as good.
Sometimes, you can get them on as part of your regular luggage allowance, which will be cheaper.
If damaged in transit, you stand a slightly larger chance of receiving compensation from a shipper than from an airline.
Care at packaging is required either way.
We can't advice w/o knowing the airline's deal on bicycles...

Oh...yes. Yes we CAN.

REGARDLESS of cost, airline baggage handlers are hired solely on their ability to steal stuff, demolished stuff and lose stuff. Screw the airlines with a rusty hoe.

Go FedEx, OP. Pack the bike well, yourself. Go to a bike store and grab a couple of free bike boxes and pack that sucker up like you were shipping the Mona Lisa.

Did I mention...screw the airlines!

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