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  2. >Anything special to know about riding in Tucson? Have city bicycle map (somewhere??) Will be living
    >in Midtown near Rillito path.

    We always enjoy riding Saguaro National Park East. There is a beautiful 10 mile loop, and nice roads
    with paths to and from the National Park. (Colorado rental condo) (Family Web Page)
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    Don't miss the El tour de Tucson in November!!
  4. Mary

    Mary Guest

    When I lived in Arizona, I always had a problem with "thorns" giving me flats. There are thorn
    proof(?) tubes, but I had good luck with something called tiresavers, which are basically wires that
    run across your tire which knock the thorns off before they take the second revolution.

  5. I've lived and biked here since 1987. You can the bike route map in just about any bike shop here,
    and at last count, we had about 20 of them.

    BTW, the best part of the Rillito bike path is east of Campbell, and ends at Dodge Boulevard near
    the Jewish Community Center. It's the unpaved part. Believe me, that lack of pavement REALLY cuts
    down on the walker/stroller/jogger/just figuring out how to ride a bicycle traffic on the path.

    As for the organized rides here, I'm of the "Been There, Done That" philosophy. Most of them are
    pseudo-races, and that has never interested me. Instead, I use my bike for transportation around
    town, and wish more people would do that.

    Martha Retallick
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