Mt Bike trailer:)+

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Lobo Horsesass, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. Hello !Take 1 red free garbage golf carrier,(wheeless) fold
    2. Take 2 wheels from wheelchair. (without occupant)
    3. take 1/2 inch 3/16 pipe length of between 2 holes.and 2
    long metal bolts and washers. grease..
    4. Put the wheeles on, and twist bolt to secured wheels (
    metal hand rail out)walk golf carrier.
    5. Take long pull engine start rope.and tie to back of seat.
    6. wear a big smile. with only person in area that has a
    pull trailer on a bike.

    Good points. on small areas of some cement shoulders. Bike
    and one wheel stays on road. and thin wheels great for off
    roading it. with handle of golf cart handgrip.draw in or
    out,can bring into the back tire or out pass the tire. Bad
    point. on cement double lane road going down hill. By ski
    place. whole trailer tends to bounce from wheel to wheel.
    maybe if weighted? ( or go back and get occupant) :)+ after
    near 20 miles. wheel on my right side slid out. so added
    washers. Need more research time.