MTB, road bike or hybrid?


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Jan 26, 2013
[COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]Hi, I am new to this forum and would like to get opinions on a few things:[/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]I am just starting off on a cycling hobby and I usually cycle on tarmac road (15km to 30km loop) with a very old bicycle (over 15 years old) that I just recently refurbished. I am considering to get a new bike. I am not a professional cyclist, just love cycling as a hobby and recreational activity. I only cycle on road and never tried trail or downhill before, maybe, one day I might try it out.[/COLOR] [COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]1. Should I buy a ready built bike or custom built one my self?[/COLOR] [COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]- I have done a bit of research and found out if I custom pick the parts, it is more expensive than buying a ready built bike. A complete set of Deore components cost me a lot and this is without the hubs. Where else if I buy a ready built bike, the components the makers throw in are really mixed up and I foresee myself upgrading these parts in the future.[/COLOR]

[COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]2. Should I buy a road bike or a MTB? Or make it hybrid?[/COLOR] [COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]- I really love MTB by design and preference. MTB overall seems solid and well built compared to road bike which looks fast as hell.[/COLOR] [COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]- I am thinking of getting a MTB and convert it into road bike hybrid. Best of both world but can't excel in neither, which I don't mind as I am not going for a race. An MTB with road bike tyre, flatbar handle, front suspension and disc brake.[/COLOR]

[COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]3. Brand? Thinking of Merida bikes or Exitway. Maybe even Polygon?[/COLOR] [COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]- Merida is my preference now as I do like a couple of their ready built model. The hard tail bike TFS 900, comes with Rockshox fork or their Road Bike series, Cyclo Cross.[/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]Here are the links: [/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]- Exitway or Polygon could be cheap and they come with good components too.[/COLOR]
[COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]- Are these brands any good? Or should I get better brands?[/COLOR]

[COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]4. Budget is not over $1000[/COLOR]

[COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]Thanks so much for your input![/COLOR]
if you have really set your mind on a MTB but want to ride on the tarmac, then go to the bike shop and ask them to configurate the wheels with thin road like tires, it is not unheard of, i have seen it many times and it seems to work,
there are so many possibilities of bike configurations, but yes an hybrid between a Road Bike and a MTB will include: disc brakes, 29er wheels with thin rims and tyres, road like saddle, if the bike was originally a MTB, then i would keep the flat handelbar front suspension is nice, Merida is a good brand by the way,