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Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Bob, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. Bob

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    So vulgar, vicious anti-semitic Mu is back again. Perhaps everyone should send him email suggesting
    how high the quality level of his thinking is. And how brave and honest he is.

    Change of thought.

    So the progression is: Chung and Mu think they own SMC. Doctors who post are quickly subjected to
    disagreement, religious harangues and harassment. They usually leave. When any stick around, it gets
    progressively worse, particularly if they ever disagree with Chung. Then Chung and Mu put on a
    display like the one going on now with Stephen.

    Such fine, upstanding citizens.

    It's time to complain to the Georgia body that licenses physicians. Chung's unconscionable behavior
    deserves official recognition.

    It's time to complain to the AMA.

    It's time to complain to the civil authorities about Chung and Mu. Chung has many times mentioned
    that he knows Mu. Mu has mentioned many times that he knows Chung. They can identify each other and
    answer questions about their online antics.