Mudguards/fenders for a Scott Sportster X50 2013


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May 4, 2014
Hi, A friend of mine just bought the Scott Sportster x50 2013 for the disc brakes (it gets really cold and is often raining here) and general commuting/light trailing ability on a low budget. Now he's looking for some mudguards that would work well with it. The fork does not have suspension lockout, unfortunately. Is it possible to get something with full coverage for this that won't be too complicated to mount and won't get in the way of the suspension? SKS Mudguards - Hybrid | Evans Cycles Or if these won't work on a non-rigid fork, could something else be recommended? SKS Shockboard Front Mudguard | Evans Cycles and Topeak Defender XC11 Rear Mudguard | Evans Cycles I'm not sure if they're too big, though, as they're made for 29ers. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!