murray sebring & bike shopping in general


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Jun 30, 2011
i recently purchased a used murray sebring for about 20 bucks and i was wondering if anyone had any useful information on this type of bike. its in fairly good condition with the exception of a a bent wheel and i wondered if it was worth fixing up? i plan to use it to just ride around for recreation and to get around school. also what would be a good brand of bike (sturdy, light, reliable)? what brands should i not consider in future bike shopping?
Which wheel is bent front or rear? You could most likely get the wheel trued at a LBS for around 15 bucks if it is not to far gone.

This is a good bike for around school seeing as you wont have to worry about it to much as you are concentrating on your studies.

Any bike built by the major bike manufactures today are worth the money charged for them. The two most important features being the bike size followed by your bike style.
its the rear tire that's bent. i will look into getting it trued at a shop. thanks for the suggestion.

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