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Nov 13, 2002
???<br /><br />How common is electric musclesimulators. The Compex 400 is on adds in CycleSport magazine for example.<br /><br />Do any pro team use them. I have seen Erik Zabel on the Compex homepage. For what can i be used for a cyclist? <br /><br />Are there any specific training programs? The ones on Compex homepage are to rough I think.<br /><br />
Electrical muscle stimulators have some uses in recovering from injuries and perhaps hard training but on their own they will not do anything to improve your speed and endurance.<br /><br />Mostly they are aimed at people too lazy to get up and exercise.
The best thing to improve is riding your bike, not using expensive musclestimulators, bit it can be usefull in periods when you don't have much time to ride<br /><br /><br />Jelle
Aimed at people too lazy to get up and ride? Sounds just right for me<br />
Yes it can be good if you're to lazy to get up and ride. but i think it wont improve your cycling a lot. It trains your muscles but will that helps for your speed?<br /><br />I think it can help to recover, but only if you use it as a massage. if you do hard training with it you will not recover from it<br /><br />Jelle