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  1. Free Group Site. Great Prediction.

    Sophisticated methodology and cutting-edge algorithm were
    embedded into a robust and powerful trading strategy. The
    strategy has been back-tested for last three decades.

    The winner portfolio side has annualized return of 27% while
    the loser side has -9%(prediction on loser side starts with
    -9.0% expectation from 2006 only). The strategy is on NYSE
    securities only and to hold the portfolio for 13 consecutive
    months (Dec.1st ,yyyy to Dec. 31st, yyyy+1). These ensure high
    capacity, lower turnover (trading cost and price impact), and
    tax efficiency.

    Read the file and Pay attention to the upload date.

    The first Prediction: Winner Portfolio(17.2%)/Loser Portfolio
    (-13%) V.S. SP500(-0.6%) for Jan/Feb-2005 period.