My bianchi just got stolen :( looking at others brands- help! $2000 budget


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Apr 25, 2016

My 2014 Bianchi Via Nerone just got stolen the other day. I am looking at replacing it, $2000 budget, maybe a liiiittle more.

That was my first *real* bike, I'm a bit of a noob in this department- should I stick with Bianchi or could I get something better for my buck? I ride road, commute to work everyday and enjoy weekend riding as much as possible (currently at like 30 miles but wanting to do some serious training this year maybe do some marathons or even triathalons so I would like a bike that would last me to that).

How do these look? I've never heard of the brands but they look nice and light.
Looking on ebay because I have paypal credit I want to use for this




Or just a nice Bianchi

Any input of any kind is welcome!
Dang sorry to hear about your Bianchi! Next time get a gps tracker for the bike, it will be worth it and will loosen up a lot of headaches in the future! It could be very stressful when you lose a good bike like that. Wouldn't want that to happen to my Trek haha. Sava Herd has a really nice sale going on right now. Give that a go and save some cash too!
Sorry to hear about your bike. Can I ask what sort of security you had on the bike? Don't worry, I'm not going to say you should have done this or that to keep your bike safer, I was just wondering as thats a top of the range brand there and prone to thefts.

You've got a good budget there, maybe more than most, and if you was happy with the Bianchi I see no reason to change. There's no harm in looking but for that budget you've got there will be a lot of bikes to choose from upto $2000 so maybe it's best to stick with what you know and are familiar with.
FWIW. I think that if you want the most utility from your replacement/any bike then you need to consider the LARGEST tire size you may anticipate using with it ...

AND, whether or not you want to mount fenders/etc. on the bike.​

The bikes you have indicated have limited tire clearance ...

A 700x28 may-or-may-not be too large for those frames-and-forks.​

Because DROP handlebars can be put on almost any bike, starting with a bike that doesn't have them should not exclude them from your choice.

I'm not a fan of disc brakes (yet) since I don''t ride in conditions which benefit from having disc brakes, but you may want to look at bikes in the Jamis CODA lineup for reference ...

The Coda lineup include bikes which use rim brakes & disc brakes.​

And then, look at the other JAMIS bikes for additional reference.

And then, if you don't see one you like, choose an equivalent BIANCHI.
BTW. You can probably transfer your PayPal credit directly to the bank account which is associated with your PayPal account.