My biggest unicycling achievement!



Today, i had went riding around my area hopping off / on to some curbs
for fun. I then moved on down to the train station, where i found a
huge set of stairs (about 17 steps high, and about 5-6 inches in each
step). As soon as i had saw it, i just had to have a go at hopping up
it, after around 5 attepmts i was realy tired but i was very
determined. Some of the times i had got about half way, which was realy
hard. My hands were numb, and i could hardly grip the front of my
unicycle seat with 1 hand, so i had to use 2. Some people gathered at
the top of the stairs and watched me fail again, and again. Then i said
to myself, "Damnit! i can do this!"

Then, i hopped up around 8 of the steps, and had to still stand to keep
my balance, then hopped up to the 3rd top step, when i almost fall
over. I got scared and quickly hopped up the stairs as fast as i could.
I made it! i was so tired, but happy too. I then walked home with my
unicycle by my side.

I did this with my 24" Dodger. Not the purpose of the unicycle, but
i've got nothing else :D

I will try getting a picture of the stairs soon.

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why did you walk home with your uni by your side!?!?!?!? why not ride
it? it would have saved your tired arms from pushing it along. anyway
Best congradulations! i remember when one pallette was a hard thing to
do! keep going dude


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