My Bike Got Stolen !!!

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    How many times have you seen or have heard these distressing words so far this year?
    During the spring and summer time, recreational vehicle theft is at an all time high.
    Regardless of how you lock it up, chain it up or hide it, if a thief wants your ride he will stop at nothing to rob you of your property.

    Unfortunately this is a risk we all have to live and deal with when we purchase and own these types of vehicles.
    An aggressive thief will use any means of grabbing your vehicle right from underneath your nose including following you to writing down your plate number to track down your place of residency.
    To lose one of your most valued possessions is sort of like losing your best friend.

    Thousands of motorcycles and other recreational vehicles are stolen every year leaving victims devoid what they have worked very long and hard for.
    When a thief steals a motorcycle, usually they will sell the parts or use them for their very own.
    In some cases, there are times when a thief will use it simply for joy rides.
    Joyriding most likely results in unknown malicious damages to the bike or a total loss because the thief has no regard for the stolen vehicle.

    Because an owner's insurance company will cover the losses depending on the policy and level of coverage, having a bike stolen is not the end of the world for most.
    For others who are unable to secure full coverage on their recreational vehicle due to some of the outrageous going insurance rates, they are pretty much out of luck.

    Hello, I’m the administrator of a newly launched website called “”.
    It’s a site that allows motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts who are victims of theft to register and place a stolen ad in the hopes of recovering their property.

    This site is not geared towards just motorcycles, whether you’ve had your dirt bike, quad, trike, moped, scooter or even your pedal bike stolen, is your online registry and central source for stolen bikes.

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