My city's gone arctic!

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>> Show us a video clip next time. I want to believe ;)
> Not video, but here's a pretty good photo:
> mage&handle=Polyphony&number=10&thumbstart=1&gallery=CURRWEATHER

Nice! That's what it looked like when I tried it too, except I had some pretty wild billowing plooms
of ice fog rise into the sky. My neighbours must have wondered what the hell I was doing.

Jem Berkes
Jem Berkes <[email protected]> wrote:
: 'Exposing' myself to the cold is my primary fear. One of the more unpleasant memories I have of
: long distance winter bicycling is not wearing enough underwear. The ensuing numbness in my pants
: caused me sufficient discomfort.

yea, that's the, uhh, third sock dealie.
david reuteler [email protected]
Coldest Ive ridden in was 15=BA F. Hey, that's pretty low for South Carolina!

"May you have the wind at your back. And a really low gear for the hills!"

Chris Zacho ~ "Your Friendly Neighborhood Wheelman"

Chris'Z Corner
"Jem Berkes" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...
> >> Winnipeg, MB, Canada Temp.: -40 C -41 F WindChill: -52 C -62 F High -32 C -26 F
> >>
> >> NOT FUN.
> >
> > Britain is having really bad and disruptive weather at the moment. Right here its 4C (39F?) and
> > bright with blue sky, and the snow has melted.
> Sounds beautiful!
> > I'm also about 4 degrees further north than Winnipeg.
> Apparently latitude means very little :)
> Here's something I just tried tonight that might give you an idea of what can happen at -50. I
> took a cup full of boiling water and threw its contents straight up in the air. It's so cold out
> that the water froze before it hit the ground -- ice rained down on me. I kid you not!

Also from Winnipeg, rode on that cold morning of -40C, got about 7 KM, before the chain was frozen,
the headset stiff. This morning got my first winter flat, that is not fun to change.

I took a waterbottle with me, but because of the motion, it froze about 3/4, the outsides were
solid, but some water splashing in the core of the bottle/ice.

You do dress differently from -30 to -40, but after -40 you cant move with anymore layers on.

The next time it gets that cold, I'm going to have to try tossing some water up in the air, and get
some pics.


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> Jem Berkes
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