My commute log from the past 8 days

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    Commute log
    Well, I've been wanting to do this for some time. I love the idea of riding my bike to work and now I have a job that makes doing so possible. I found a great 80's vintage Suteki road bike
    'for 5.00 at the thrift store. It has a nice component group, wheels and rides well enough.
    11-11-07 Saturday I found a Nashbar winter jacket at the thrift store for $5.00 Good karma. I serviced the bike, installed the panniers, lights, computer and so on. Made sure I have tools tubes a pump and a patch kit. I did a few laps to check things out.
    The bike seems good to go.
    I used the G maps pedometer site to plan the routes to and from work. Approximately 10 miles there and 16 miles home. This is due to the fact that I do not want to cross route 104.
    I set up coffee and packed lunch before bed and took one more look at the bike.

    11-12-07 Ok, this is it. I dressed, packed lunch and had a coffee and I'm out. 06:15am and I’m scared. Is this juvenile or irresponsible? Should I just drive like everyone else? I'll just get the car. Hoover road, Home road Gantz road, Dyer road this is easy.

    There's a loud crunching noise so I stop. The rear reflector on the wheel fell off and got caught in the spokes and went flying. It's cool. I keep going. I stood up to crank up the hill to Dyer road but the load on the back wobbled and the pannier hit the wheel. No dancing on the pedals. I will make a brace to keep the panniers stable.

    Ok I'm at the 104. So far so good, I'm making good time, it's not too cold and I know the route. High street, Dering, Parsons, Llewlen, Groveport, Watkins and I'm here. Traffic was not bad and I'm barely winded.

    I changed in the men's room and I'm good to go.
    06:15 to 06:58 42 minutes 44 seconds, 9.6 miles. I did not ride home, Laurie picked me up so I could get Matt to the model railroad exhibit set up. I found that the route north to Greenlawn avenue to cross the river is 3 miles shorter going home so I will use it tomorrow.

    11-13-07 It was wet but not raining so I headed out at 06:30 and the ride was uneventful. The weather was great and the bike performed flawlessly. I arrived at 07:10 am 40 minutes flat, a full 2 minutes faster than Monday. I locked up the bike and changed. Damn, no underwear. Looks like I am going commando today. Several employees expressed enthusiasm about me commuting by bike and one even greeted me with a "we're not worthy" gesture as soon as he saw me. As for now I think Ice is the only thing that will keep me off the bike. The ride home was safe but long. It is a balls out sprint for 13.5 miles. I still don’t want to cross the 104 but tomorrow I am going to try to cross Frank at the Harmon light. I made it home in 60 minuets and 11 seconds. That will improve over time. Also when I get a locker I won't carry clothes or shoes so that means less weight. I am starving when I got home and I ate a huge plate of Zitti. The weather looks good for the remainder of the week.

    11-14-07 I got out in plenty of time and made it into work at 07:20. I had an uneventful ride this morning but caught a light shower between Dyer road and Frank road. I carried my lunch and clothes in plastic grocery bags instead of the backpack and lunch box to cut down on the bulk and extra weight. I was considerably more fatigued this morning after having rode home last night but I still made the trip in right at 40 minutes. I took the route home down Harmon to cross the 104 and it went fine. It only saves me a half mile but I will take it. I had a head wind pretty much the whole way home but still managed to average 14 mph so I was home in plenty of time to eat and get Nils over to the statehouse for the model railroad display.
    11-16-07 I drove the van today, the afternoon is going to be 28 degrees and there is freezing rain in the forecast for this afternoon. I checked the mileage with the car and its the same as the bike odometer so that’s good. The forecast is below freezing for the remainder of the week so I will not ride. I will (for the record) log non-riding days with an explanation. Next week looks better so I will work on the bike.
    11-20-07 uneventful ride and nice weather. Overcast but warm. Around 55 and no wind. I really did not feel like riding this morning but I did it any way. By the time I was up Hoover road I was glad I rode. I love the south end in the morning it's peaceful. I rode across Groveport to Kobel this morning and it looks just like a mining or steel town in western Pa. Or southern Ohio. The weather co-operated and the rain held off and the ride home was great. The vast majority of motorists were polite and passed me with a wide berth with the exception of a few who insist on passing within inches of my left flank.

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    LOL in my locker at work I carry a complete change of gear above what I carry to work everyday to avoid those "commando" mishaps. But it has happened to me in the past :cool: :eek:
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    Thanks for sharing your log. I had a good time reading it. In regards to riding when the temps are below freezing, you should really check out Nokians studded tire line. I thought they were a bit of a novelty item but I bought my first pair last winter and was able to ride safely up and down pure sheets of steep roadway ice. Absolutely amazing. They are expensive, but I only run them for a couple months at a time, per yer, so in theory they should last for some time.
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    I enjoyed your log! I may do my own, but time has been scarce lately.

    I rode in today at 5 degrees F (can't forget the wind, which was gusty!) (Home was 12 degrees). That is the coldest temp I have ever ridden at.

    My commute is 10 miles each way. My feet were the only body part that were cold to and from. Will fix that, but it is not cheap.

    Done the commando thing. Grabbed the wrong black jeans this morning. These have a stain on the front that is not too bad :D. Have forgotten my belt. Since my pants are loose now, had to use a 10 gauge piece of wire to hold them up! No one noticed.

    Have heard great things about the nokian tires, but am waiting until they are necessary, as money is tight. Ask me tomorrow, as it is supposed to snow tonight.