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Oct 24, 2001
My Email to ARGUS
Subject: Timing results are now marring an otherwise perfect Cycletour

This is now starting to resort to the ridiclous. The delay in obtaining our Cycletoru timing results is now 20 days!!!!! What is holding you guys up. All that I can see is my time and my average speed. This was confrimed in any case by my heartrate monitor na d both mmy wife and my cycling computers on the tandem. When we do get the results it will be of such a low data quality that we will not even be able to see or compare our results with other tandems in the race. Please visit to see what service they have. Come on ARGUS Cycletour WAKE UP !!!!!!!! The cyclists are getting restless!!!

Reply back From Pat White

The following is an extract from our website:

Please note that although provisional positions have been calculated for the results produced by WinningTime, the organisers have chosen not to display these until queries have been finalised. Final positions will be displayed on the site from midday, Monday 31 March.

This decision has absolutely nothing to do with Winning Time - it is the decision of the organisers. We have always given cyclists 10 days from date of publication to forward queries. The results, including provisional positions, were published in the Cape Argus on March 19 - cyclists have until today, March 28 to submit queries. This would apply even if Champion Chip had done the timing.

We have provisional positions for everyone in the various categories but until such time as cyclists refrain from using incorrect transponders, taking their friend's or family member's along with them to hand in at the finish, tying the transponder to the wrong part of their bicycle, etc. we will always have queries. Please also remember that just 1% queries in a 3000 finisher event = 30, the same 1% in our event = 300. It is pointless giving out positions that can alter drastically - this would only result in a flood of phone calls, emails, etc when the correct information is published.

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