My first race!



I've finally hooked up with some serious rodies, and they've invited me to train and race with them (weekends usually). The first race I will be joining is tentatively scheduled for the 2nd of June. It will be 20-25 kms long (circuit race) and have a short climb. According to a veteran I train with, the ave. pace of the race is 26-30 kph, although I think he was estimating the speed a bit conservatively. My question concerns race strategy. Do I blast of from the start, or stay with the pack? Do I go with the first breakaway (considering the short distance of the race), or stay with the pack? I have already gotten tips not to pull during the race. Any other tips you guys can give me? This is my very first bike race, and I am very very very excited. I also want to place in the top 5 at the least.

Seeing that it's your first race, best you stay with the main group and learn from them. You don't want to blast off at the start, just to be caught and sneered at. Stick with the guys that are in the know and you will earn their respect.
dont stay at the front of the pack too long as it will wear you out. The other riders will let you work your ring off and you will not have as much energy at the end.

find out the race track and practice it. also find out what the best time of the group you will be racings best time is.

Break Aways: should you chase ?
well sometimes its easy to think ill catch em later they will run out of steam. this does not allways work though ;D as i found out on my last race :).
Good advice there


"There is alot more to cycling than just pedalling"

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