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  2. If you want to be absolutely sure you're getting something
    quality, check out . They have a store in
    the UK. It just depends how much you trust ebay I guess. I'm
    not sure that I like the look of those bearing holders (the
    things at the wheel end of the frame). They look rather
    flimsy to me.

    Good luck, Andrew

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    I can answer this for you as this was the unicycle I
    brought. Reasons for this were;

    1) I knew nothing about unicycles or the different types etc
    that you could buy.
    2) It was cheap, i didn't what to spend loads on something i
    might not have carried on with.

    Ok onto the uni but first the seller. Parkers of Bolton
    were a joy to deal with with prompt delivery and
    telephone support.

    The Uni.

    Pretty much what you see is what you get with this. The
    Description/Photos are all accurate. I was also worried
    about the bearing holders but they are sturdy enough for
    learning on (not i suspect dropping from 3 ft). Basical for
    a learning uni (which gets dropped v often) i'm finding it
    fine to ride on. One problem however is I had to buy a new
    seat post as the one supplied ain't really big enough for
    even small people to have at a suitable height.

    So far i've been happy with it, however I will be buying
    another one at some point (Christmas likely) now that i've
    got hocked.

    Bingo Jesus i'm guessing that your from the UK?

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    > I'm planning to buy a unicycle and I've stumbled across
    > this model on ebay (
    > Do any of you know anyhting about this Unicycle, is it
    > worth it? Or do any of you know a good shop which sell
    > uniyles to anywhere in the UK?
    > Many Thanks, Bingo Jesus
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    "Bingo Jesus" <[email protected]> wrote
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    news:[email protected]...
    > I'm planning to buy a unicycle and I've stumbled across
    > this model on ebay (

    It is a very cheap unicycle: having said that many of us in
    here probably learnt on pretty cheap basic unicycles. Most
    of us will now have dug deeper into thge pockets. Some, and
    especially the kids, will still have the cheap machine
    months, even years later. Few novices KNOW whether they
    intend to keep at unicycling, so for those not sure and who
    may give up, a cheap uni is a reflection of that. It will
    not cost an arm and a leg if you hate it once you try. It
    may be worth visiting your local juggling club: many have
    club unis, which you can have a go on. If you like it then
    buy an appropriate machine later.

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    Yeah, I am. Thanks for the advice, I'm definatly getting
    one once the exams are over (Why do they put exams in
    summer anyway?), I'm sure I'll be back on these forums
    soon. Thanks.

    Bingo Jesus
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    The description says 'sealed main cap bearings'.

    From the close up of the bearing holders they don't look
    like main caps, but more like 'lollipop' which are
    notoriously prone to breakage after a few months.

    Have a look at the close up: -

    They do look really flimsy.

    It's cheap though :)

    If you think you're going to get into this then do
    check out: -

    they sell good stuff at good prices.

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  7. I'd buy one from, mine came from there (via a
    shop in exeter) and is good quality. It is twice the price though.

    The problem with the ebay one is that it will most likely
    break after not very long riding it, and if you decide you
    want to get more serious, you've got no choice but to buy a
    new unicycle.

    With the one linked above, however, the frame's good and
    strong, as is the wheelset, there's room in the frame for a
    bigger tyre, should you want one, and you know it's going to
    be strong enough for most things you're likely to do.

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