My gopro video: descents on the world's steepest island's volcano: roque de los muchachos (2426 m)


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Jan 9, 2013
Hello !
La Palma is the steepest island of the World; its highest peak is 2426 m high: Roque de los Muchachos.
Its eastern ascent starts at oceanlevel.
This spring (in May) I climbed it twice: once its eastern, once its western side. I recorded GoPro video on its descents: it shows stunning scenery, views to the volcano, caldera, onto the clouds above the ocean, etc... amazing, I loved it very much. For me this is the perfect place for cycling.
The video shows a part of why La Palma is called: la isla bonita = beautiful island.
Thanks for watching and hope You like it

Video :
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Outstanding! Bravo!

What an adventure you had!

I must get to Tenerife and La Palma before I die. Thank you or posting your video!