My gravel bike for club rides, centuries and tours.

Sep 30, 2017
I have said, a number of times, on this forum, that I didn't get gravel bikes. If I'm road riding, I'd use a road bike, if I'm off pavement, I'd use an MTB.
I'd like to amend that. I still don't see why you wouldn't use your MTB for off pavement riding but last fall I had a unique gravel bike built up, with the intention of using it for club rides which, sometimes, end up on gravel.
As I've also said before, I'm pretty much done with drop bars. I've also become a fan of 1X12 gear systems.
So my gravel bike has flat bars and 1X12 gearing. I also got an oval chainring.
Now that I'm fulling immunized from covid and group rides are starting up again, I've been able to use my gravel like on several club rides now. Since the Ibis frame was designed for drop bars, getting the proper fit has been a bit of a challenge. I now have a 130mm stem and a seatpost with a lot of setback. I currently have 32mm Gravel King tires with a file tread.
What I'm finding out is it is nearly as fast as a road bike, rides better, and I feel more secure.
I'm really starting to like this bike. I would love to take it on a tour or century. It would be ideal for that.
If my ego demanded that I be able to keep up with the fastest riders, this wouldn't be the bike. But after my aortic valve went to heck and I needed it replaced, that really isn't an option anyway.
I made the right choice in going with a gravel frame, for tire clearance, and I think the 1X12 gearing is great. I think the Cervelo gravel bike geometry would have worked better, but other than that, I wouldn't have changed a thing.
One final thing. You can now get the Continental Grand Prix 5000 in 32mm. Perfect!