My New 2004 Yukon Baby..(long)

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Mitchell Mandel, Jul 3, 2003.

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  1. I Picked up my New 2004 Giant Yukon...Fluid formed ..(stealth

    I Got an Exceptional Deal at Georges Bike store in Perth W.A cheapest in perth for the model..And
    the boys there are very genuine blokes and know there stuff. (no frills) and was Happy to look after
    me with a good deal.

    Has Hayes Mecha Discs (nice),.RST, Gila t4 Front shocks, twin skinned rims. Deore rear railer, front
    Acera railer. Shimano rear hub. Acera or deore shifter/brake levers (newbie, dont know)...nice Seat
    (velo,Giant badged). cheap tires but i'll be swapping them anyways.

    Its A little different in dimensions compared to my last Lapo. the handlebars curve inward like they
    are coming towards you..I might change

    onlookers. . I thought the bars should swing upwards... It has been bad weather here. so i havent
    tested it yet. only ridden around my street.

    Nice shifting. comfy Ride the Gila's are very Tight and plush. went up a few kerbs at various
    speeds..did a couple of Hops. and felt nice...alot better than my Previous RST 381cl.. Feels like
    the right size for me.. need to get used to it. its a fast bike..

    I chose the Stealth black (satin black) over the Burnt Orange. due to low key minimalistic Design.
    minimal graphics. etc. cant wait too unleash her tommorrow and work out the bugs (adjust it all)
    Although I cannot find the specs for it anywhere.... anyways. thanks for listening.

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    > I Picked up my New 2004 Giant Yukon...Fluid formed ..(stealth


    Cool. New bikes are fun. I also got a flat black bike and I have to say it's the best looking bike
    I've owned.

    Do you know if there's any riding up around Kalamunda? I have family there and when I last visited
    it looked like a lot of the terrain would be very well-suited to MTB, but I never saw any riders and
    my cousins didn't know (not into riding). Just curious, I probably won't be back in WA for a while.

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